Discover the tarn

Carte du Tarn dans le sud de la France


The Tarn, near Toulouse and Montpellier, is a combination of forests, mountains, vineyards and highlands.
Located in the heart of Occitan, the Tarn benefits from a green climate that combines the freshness of the Atlantic landscapes with the mild and bright climate of the Mediterranean.

You enjoy a rich heritage: high-rise fortified villages, castles, churches, museums, with their often mysterious and impressive history …
The vast natural areas offer a network of varied hiking routes, on foot, by horse or by bicycle, discovering the richness of the Tarn. Fishing or canoeing fans enjoy it here: the Tarn, the Viaur, the Cérou, the Agoût, and many other rivers flow winding through our department. …

Within a few kilometers, the universe takes a different shape !

Découverte et dégustation des vins

Bastides et vignoble de Gaillac

The Gaillac vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in France ! Come and (re)discover the reds, rose's or whites, the range available is as vast as the colours of the sky.

Walking among the villages and bastides : Gaillac, Puycelsi, Lisle sur Tarn and other... you will meet the tarnese and their vineyards.

Land of wines and know-how to savour with gluttony.

Cordes sur ciel


Albi, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Cordes sur Ciel, reaching the clouds since the 13th century, Ambialet hanging on its meanderings, Monestiés belonging to the most beautiful villages in France, Carmaux and its mining past... this country is a real treasure. Bastides, towns, or the impressive landscapes of the Ségala allow surprising discoveries.

From lovers of history to active mountain bikers, the thrills are there...

Nature et repos au lac du merle

Sidobre & Monts de Lacaune :

Between the rocks of the Sidobre (the largest granite plateau in Europe) and the grandiose panoramas of the Monts de Lacaune (and its many lakes), one enters the wildest part of the Tarn.

This land of rocks, water, forests... and “charcuterie” will feed your most beautiful legends. Hiking, villages, gastronomy, meetings... true sensations.

La Montagne Noire

Castres, Mazamet & la Montagne Noire : 

Castres, Mazamet, Hautpoul or Labruguière, the cities and villages of the country of autan have witnessed centuries of art, religions, conflicts and traditions.

The Black Mountain, its thick green haze, the magic it releases, the stories it tells and the heritage it shelters make that the nature is abundant and the people generous.

Character asserted and "colourful", common stories, influences of other cultures... have shaped a beautiful team..., rugby of course !

Pays de Cocagne : 

The Pays de Cocagne owes its name to the "shells", a stage during the processing of the pastel which makes it possible to obtain the famous "pastel blue" colour.

Flowered hills with a panoramic view on the Pyrenees, pink brick walls or houses with blue shutters, the spirit of the south-west is already there ! 

The medieval sou-terrains of Saint-Sulpice, the cathedral Saint Alain and its Jacquemart in Lavaur, the Vauban vault in Cammazes, the abbeys St Scholastique in Dourgne, the medieval village Lautrec famous for its pink garlic, Sorèze (Abbey School and the Museum Dom Robert).

Pays de Cocagne, country of abundance !